About Us

Leighty's Farm Market, Inc. has been one of the areas best known landmarks for one-hundred years. Founded by Lloyd and Harv Leighty (League-tee or Lee-tee) around 1909, the Market grew to it’s present size around 1960, when Lloyd’s son, Don, took over the market and started expanding the business. The old adage of 'treat the customer the way you want to be treated' and 'stock nothing but the freshest product always with an eye on quality' has paid off. 

In 1993 Don’s daughter, Donna and her husband, Brian, took the market over and have continued the tradition of stressing quality. The large complex has so much to offer in the way of diversity.  Along with produce, the store also sports a gigantic Flower World, April through July and Halloween decorations in autumn, as well as a variety of other grocery and non-food items.  Candy World offers tons of bulk candy that will satisfy in any season.  Adding to the uniqueness, the store also features several leased departments including Mark’s Computers, Leighty’s Flooring by Knisley, and Snyder Photography.

Across the street is Leighty's Boot Warehouse, a shop filled with plenty of clothing, footwear, and other supplies for outdoorsmen.  Outside, on Sundays, visit the hundreds of vendors at Leighty's Flea Market, filled with a variety of goods throughout much of the year. If you want to practice your golf swing, visit Golf World by Knisely, located next door.

Also do not miss the delicious freshly prepared food at Leighty's Chik-N-Ribs in nearby Roaring Spring.

So if you want a great way to spend an afternoon plan on coming back to the farm and let us be your host.  

See old photos to learn more about the history of our family and stores!