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Leighty’s Flea Market

46 Years Strong

Take I-99, Get off Exit 23, Turn Left then 1 Mile

Dunnings Highway, PO Box 307, Newry, PA  16665

Free Parking and Free Admission! 

Leighty's Family Flea Market Map Leighty's Farm
                                                  and Flea Markets

Pictured above left - a picture of owner Mr. Don Leighty and his children
Pictured above right - an aerial photo of the outdoor Flea Market and Farm Market

Outdoor Flea Market Open at the Flea Market Grounds Sundays from March 13, 2016 through October from 7 AM to 3 PM.

(Indoor Flea Market returns to Leighty's Farm Market greenhouse in November)

Outdoor Flea Market Vendor Information:
(814) 695-5151 (see below for office hours)
Manager: Joe

OFFICE IS STAFFED ONLY SATURDAYS 8am-Noon and SUNDAYS 6 am-3 pm. NO ONE IS ON PREMISES TO TAKE RENTS OR PHONE CALLS EXCEPT SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS. If you call by phone you will only get a pre-recorded message and cannot leave a message.
(There is no one in the office Monday-Fridays to answer questions or take reservations and Leighty’s Farm Market and Leighty's Boot Warehouse are separate businesses and are not able to provide you with any other information that is not listed here. Please, stop in or call Saturday or Sunday. There is no machine or person to help you, except during office hours. We appreciate your understanding.)

VENDORS WANTING TO RENT SPACE-you may pre-pay either on Saturday 8 am-Noon. Or just bring your items and pay when you receive a spot as early as 6 am on the Sunday you want to setup. Occasionally all tables are rented Sunday mid-morning if the weather is nice. We encourage you to come Saturday or as early as possible on Sunday to be sure you get a space. You may reserve by phone for the added fee of $5.00 during Saturday Office Hours.
Office is the small red building behind the two large metal buildings.

RENTAL PRICE- $15 per rental space. Rental space is 11ft by 28ft. with one 4X8 Table.

All fees to be paid in Flea Market Office, which is the small red building located behind the two large buildings. Cash only, NO checks or credit cards accepted.
PAYMENTS must be received before set up. No bills over $20---Park behind your table. SORRY NO REFUNDS AND NO CHANGE GIVEN for any reason including weather.

Merchandise not to obstruct walkways.
Vendors must bring own change and be prepared for customers to give you large bills. We do not make change for you at the office. An ATM is available at Leighty’s Farm Market, across the street, that gives $20 bills.
(Leighty’s Farm Market and/or Flea Market cannot make change.)
CANOPIES- - - - - Must be securely tied down. Ropes and tie down devises must not obstruct walkways.
TO SELL TIRES - To sell tires, name and phone number must be listed with the office.
Tires must be removed at the end of Sunday or you will forfeit your vendor status.
CLEAN UP- - - - - We ask that you remove all trash from flea market premises. NO furniture or unsold merchandise to be left on flea market grounds. Trash barrels are for food and the shopping public and not to be filled with empty boxes and packing materials.
SALES TAX - - - - PA sales tax forms are available in the flea market office, on the desk.
PETS - - - - - - - - - No dogs allowed; service animals only.

RADIOS - - - - - - -- This will include ALL noise producing devices. To be played for your own personal use and not in a manner to disturb your neighbor.
FOOD - - - - - - - - Concession stands only can sell food and drinks. Unless prior approval. A copy of insurance must be on file with our office, before setting up. We must receive a copy of any state health inspections done immediately after any such inspection.


No Prepared Food or Drinks (due to our food vendors)

No Counterfeit Merchandise No Illegal Fireworks

No New Hunting Items No New Bows of any kind

No Hazardous Material/Chemicals No Pornography

No Live Flowers, Plants, Produce No Tobacco Sales

-Vendor - If management finds any of these above items being displayed at your space, you may be asked to leave.

Posted 3/12/16 - Details (including time and pricing) are subject to change without notice.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Indoor Flea Market Vendor Information (November to March):
- Contact Chris at 814-414-6470.

Once you have been assigned a table:
-Simply set up your items on either Saturday anytime (or on Sunday between 7 am and 8 am) and be prepared to…
…pay between 9 and 10 am on Sunday ONLY at your table.
 -We will only collect during that one hour. Please be at your table. Cash or credit card only. (You may use a credit card, there is a $1.00 fee, simply pay early at front checkout. Keep your reciept out to show that you paid.) You will need to pay each week your table is reserved (whether you are here or not).

-Park as far away to the outer perimeter and rear as possible. We prefer you park along creek or rear, once you unload. Customers need easy access to the flea market. If they are discouraged in parking access, they may not come in.

-5’X8” tables are $10 each. The second table is only $7. Bring a chair, table covering, something to cover and secure your table with. All items must be on table or under table out of walkways due to trip hazards. No extra tables and no stacking tables.
  -You must ask another vendor to sell your items if you leave the items covered on a table from week to week or if you leave before 2.We want to have every occupied table open to customers. We advertise Sunday 7 am -2 pm to customers. We ask that you be ready by 8 am Sunday and stay till 2 pm.

-If you do leave items from week to week, they must be tightly covered. Side entrance doors are locked on days that flea market is not open. We are not liable for any damaged or stolen items that you leave unattended through the week.

-You need to have lots of ones and fives to give change to your customers. We will not be supplying change. We have an ATM up front that gives twenties.

-Smoke away from entrances so customers don’t have to walk through smoke.

-Please, remove all trash and cardboard with you every Sunday afternoon. Trash cans are for food wrappers, etc. and not leftover unsold items and boxes.

Posted 11/7/15 - Details (including time and pricing) are subject to change without notice.

Photos from the indoor flea market:

Indoor Flea Market

Photos from the outdoor flea market:


Flea Market
                                                    Shoppers and Golf
                                                    World Flea Market
                                                    Shoppers and Golf
Hundreds of
                                                    Customers A Crowd Looks
                                                    for Deals
Items for Sale A Vendor's
Cars, Vendors,
                                                    Busy Vehicles

Food Vendor
Hill View of
                                                    Flea Market and
                                                    Hunting Outlet Shopper
Fleas Looking
                                                    for Deals Cars and
A Vendor's
                                                    Items Shoppers

Early 1900's Farm

Check out this photograph from the early 1900's showing the farm market!
Check out more old photos here.

Aerial of Flea
                                                  Market and Farm

Please note: If you see yourself  in one of these pictures and and you do not want to be shown, we will gladly remove the picture.


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