Christmas at Leighty's

Make it an old fashioned Christmas and come back to the farm for a great family outing. Choose a beautiful fresh cut Christmas tree and wreath at Frosty's Christmas Tree Fest then come inside the store to find the perfect fruit basket, Christmas candy, or poinsettia. 

Frosty's Chirstmas Tree Fest is located in the farm market's side parking lot. Trees from four feet tall and up. Watch while your fresh handmade wreath and roping is custom decorated before your eyes in a 32-foot trailer with your choice of ribbon and decorations.

Tree sales start Black Friday and continue until Christmas Eve, while supplies last.

Please note: This event is operated seperately from Leighty's. The vendor accepts cash only. (Leighty's has an ATM available inside). Payment is collected at the trailer in the parking lot. See their Facebook Page.

Indoor Flea Market - Open inside the Greenhouse on Sundays during winter months. Learn more about the flea market.

Fruit baskets Made to order. Learn more about our custom made fruit baskets.

All items are while supplies last.

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