Winter Indoor Flea Market

Winter Indoor Flea Market

Leighty's Farm Market's indoor flea market is bustling with activity each Sunday during the winter months. Free Parking and Free Admission!

Take I-99, Get off Exit 23, Turn Left then 1 Mile
16187 Dunnings Highway, Newry, PA 16665

Open November through March 2019 Sundays 7 AM - 2 PM
inside the farm market greenhouse

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Indoor Flea Market Vendor Information:
Sundays November to mid-March from 7 AM to 2 PM inside the Farm Market greenhouse
- Tables sign ups begin in the fall. Contact Chris at 814-414-6470 (for table sign ups only) between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm EST for more information and table availability.

Once you have been assigned a table:
-Simply set up your items on either Saturday anytime from 9 am to 4 pm (or on Sunday between 7 am and 8 am) and be prepared to…
…pay between 9 and 10 am on Sunday ONLY at your table.
 -We will only collect during that one hour. Please be at your table. Cash or credit card only. (You may use a credit card, there is a $1.00 fee, simply pay early at front checkout. Keep your reciept out to show that you paid.) You will need to pay each week your table is reserved (whether you are here or not).

-Park as far away to the outer perimeter and rear as possible. We prefer you park along the creek or rear, once you unload. Customers need easy access to the flea market. If they are discouraged in parking access, they may not come in.

-5’X8” tables are $10 each. The second table is only $8. Bring a chair, table covering, something to cover and secure your table with. All items must be on table or under table out of walkways due to trip hazards. No extra tables and no stacking tables.
  -You must ask another vendor to sell your items if you leave the items covered on a table from week to week or if you leave before 2.We want to have every occupied table open to customers. We advertise Sunday 7 am -2 pm to customers. We ask that you be ready by 8 am Sunday and stay till 2 pm.

-If you do leave items from week to week, they must be tightly covered. Side entrance doors are locked on days that flea market is not open. We are not liable for any damaged or stolen items that you leave unattended through the week.

-You need to have lots of ones and fives to give change to your customers. We will not be supplying change. We have an ATM up front that gives twenties.

-Smoke away from entrances so customers don’t have to walk through smoke.

-Please, remove all trash and cardboard with you every Sunday afternoon. Trash cans are for food wrappers, etc. and not leftover unsold items and boxes.

Posted 11/13/16, Reviewed 10/31/2018 - Details (including time and pricing) are subject to change without notice.

Check out these photographs, including one from the early 1900's showing the farm market! Check out more old photos here.

Black and White
Early 1900s